Common Questions

What does the Lens do?

The Lens allows you to search and explore the world’s patent literature – one of the largest free bodies of public information. Use the Lens to search for patents, explore / collect / analyse patent landscapes, build and share patent…

Where can I learn more about patents?

We have a number of educational articles on our Knowledge Database section of the Support Center. For starters check out the Top Ten Facts You Need To Know About Patents and our How to Read a Patent pages.

How do I report bugs or leave feedback?

The Lens is currently in beta, so we still have bugs floating around occasionally. We appreciate and use each and every bug report and feedback email we receive, so please don’t hesitate to contact us at

How do I share my work with others?

There are many ways you can share your work on The Lens with your colleagues. One way is to publish your collections to make them public. You can also embed search result charts on any website you like with our…

Who has access to my search history?

Only you. We will never look at any of your private information, from search history or collections. Read more at our policies page.

Why are you building The Lens?

Our goal is to enable more people to make better decisions, informed by evidence and inspired by imagination. The Lens is the platform we are providing to help people do just that. Read more About Us.