Notes Tab

The notes tab is one of the many tabs of information available for each document on The Lens, for more information about viewing documents on The Lens in general see the Summary Tab page.

On the notes tab or within your work area you can explore all of the notes you have added to this document. Each of these notes is also individually viewable on the left hand side of the page. From this window you can also edit or delete notes, with the ability to minimize or expand specific notes.

At the top of the document note window are formatting tools. With these options you can create numbered lists, create tables within the note window, and even add links (even within tables) with any text for the link you choose. There are options to create horizontal divides and alignment tools.

You will also be able to see publicly available notes such as those added to documents in the Cambia landscapes. In the future we aim to provide options for you to share your notes on patents with others too. At the moment all notes you add will be private and viewable to only you.

Example Page: