Sequences Tab

The sequences tab is one of the many tabs of information available for each document on The Lens, for more information about viewing documents on The Lens in general see the Summary Tab page. On the sequences tab you can explore all of the biological sequences disclosed within the patent.

Example Page:

Anatomy of the Page

After a brief summary about the patent document you are viewing, you can check the patent sequence counts available from that patent and the source of data.

Filter Sequences

In this box, you can filter the sequences by 1) their type (Peptide (protein) or Nucleotide (DNA or RNA)), 2) their length and here you have various categories to choose from, and 3) their location in the document (Claims, drawings, description, or example, etc… whenever we were able to locate that sequence) . You can also select a specific SEQ ID NO to view.  This feature is handy when you have a large number of disclosed sequences within a patent document.  Sequences referenced in the Claims section are usually important since they may be critical to the invention and the granted/to be granted rights and so you may find this feature particularly useful  when a patent has hundreds of sequences disclosed.

Download Sequences

You will see options to download various categories of the sequences into a single multi-FASTA file. FASTA is a standard format for biological sequences. Note that sometimes the files may be saved as “.fasta.txt” and you may need to change them to just “.fasta” to input them into bioinformatics programs.

Displaying the sequence Information Table

All sequences in the document are displayed in a table format with the column headings:

  • SEQ ID NO – The sequence ID number, clicking this will take you to that sequence’s specific page.
  • Length – number of nucleotides/amino-acids in the sequence
  • Sequence type – nucleotide or protein
  • Locations (claims, drawings, description, summary, example, or undetermined..)
  • Organism – the declared species of origin for this sequence, where applicable
  • NCBI Entrez GI – The number and link to this sequence on NCBI’s entrez database whenever available. More about GI numbers.
  • Blast Search – quick links to search for similar sequences to this within the Patent Sequences database in PatSeq Finder in the Lens or within the NCBI’s GenBank

Sequence View Page

When you click on a sequence ( SEQ ID NO X), you will be able to see the actual sequence information in FASTA format. You can download this sequence individually or copy it for use elsewhere.