Species and Fulltext Search

You may start your biological search using this species and full-text search page.  Here you can search for keywords within patent documents containing disclosures of patent sequences, search for a species of an organism that is described in a patent with at least one declared sequence for that organism,  or conduct a combined search for a species and fulltext word.

Your search results can be further refined by using the Biologicals filter in The Lens and/or by selecting your desired Sequence type or any of the other filters, if you wish so.   Within a patent document, sequences are usually listed in a “Sequence Listing” section before the Claims section along with their metadata (information about their length and size, their declared species of origin, and their type).  Because sequence type includes two forms: nucleotide (DNA or RNA) and peptide (protein), here you can choose the database of one or the other type to narrow down your search.

If your search does not return results, you may consider starting with a broad search in the Lens and then focus the results by the added species filters since NOT all biological patents would contain biological sequences.

You can find the species search tab here: https://lens.org/lens/bio/species

You can also navigate to this page from The Lens homepage or search result page by selecting it as an option from the drop down list next to the search button.

Note that this search only searches for patent documents which list at least one sequence from the specified species.  You may choose to do a combined species/keyword search here or if you’re looking for other patented information about that species,  do a broad search first in The Lens for documents that use the species name as a keyword and then refocus the results.