Citations Tab

The citations tab is one of the many tabs of information available for each document on The Lens, for more information about viewing documents on The Lens in general see the Summary Tab page. The citations tab allows you to explore publications and patent documents your document cites, as well as all patent documents which cite it. The number of times a patent is cited can be used as one metric of a patent’s influence and importance.

Example Page:

Anatomy of the Page

The citations page has three internal tabs you can navigate:

Publications Cited Tab

The first tab lists all non patent publications cited by this document, generally these come from the scientific literature. Their bibliographic information is listed along with links to external pages on these documents. Currently there are links to CrossRef, NCBI’s PubMed and Open Access full text from PubMedCentral where available. You can also explore which other patent documents are cited by these literature by clicking the “page and arrow” icon. The number next to this icon is the number of patent documents that cite this publication.

Patent Documents Citing this Document Tab

This tab displays a list of the first 50 documents (chronologically) on The Lens which cite this document. You can follow their links to their individual pages, or you can select the “Load these citations as a new search” button at the bottom of the page to explore the collection in full and in more detail.

Patent Documents Cited by this Document Tab

This tab displays links to each patent document on The Lens which is cited within this document. You can go to their individual pages by clicking on their document number.