Patent Family Info Tab

The family information tab is one of the many tabs of information available for each patent document on The Lens, for more information about viewing documents on The Lens in general see the Summary Tab page. The family information tab gives you an understanding of the document’s international applicability through simple family members.

A simple patent family is a group of patent documents that stem from the same initial document, called the priority document. For example, an applicant might file a patent application in one country, then file other applications in other countries.  The Lens calculates patent families as a collection of documents that directly  stem from the same priority documents.

In the Lens UI we now only support Simple family.
We use simple families for:
– Family count for search results
– Family sizes for individual documents
– Family jurisdiction filter
– Result sorting
– Expand by family
– Group by family
– Family Tab

For more information on patent families  you can go to 

Example Page:


What is the criteria used to display the patent representing a “Simple Family”?

In the Lens, we do not have the concept of a representative family member yet.  In the search results, the family member displayed is the one which best matched your query.  In the ‘Family Info’ tab, you can view the publication dates for all family members and browse the earliest document available.

Anatomy of the Page

Jurisdiction Map

The jurisdiction map shows you, highlighted in yellow, the jurisdictions where this document’s family has publications. You can select different types of documents to see on the map from the selections below.

Family Timeline

The family timeline allows you to examine the priority applications and publication dates associated with this family. You can use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out of this timeline, or click and drag it to scroll horizontally. Clicking on a dot on the timeline will give you more information about it.

Below the timeline is also a button to load this family as a new search. This will take you to a new search result page showing all of the documents within this family. From there you can easily add family members to a collection for further analysis.

Family Priorities Tables

In this table all family members are listed with links to their own document pages. Also displayed is their publication date and their priority claims reference (referring to the next priorities table on the right).

Priorities Table

The priorities table shows information for the priority claims made by the documents in the family priorities table. For each instance the priority key and filing date are displayed. In general this allows you to determine which earlier priority date is being claimed for which documents.