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Authorship vs Inventorship

“I am an author on the paper… … why am I not an inventor?” 1. Overview The terms ‘author’ and ‘inventor’ are not synonymous. Generally, an author should be the individual(s) who wrote or contributed to writing a particular work….

Reduction to Practice

A “reduction to practice” is the embodiment of the concept of an invention. Very important:  there are two ways that an invention may be reduced to practice: 1. By producing a physical embodiment of the invention (actual reduction to practice).  For example, for…

Boolean Logic Tutorial

(Taken from the Syracuse University Center for Science & Technology — http://florin.syr.edu/webarch/searchpro/boolean_tutorial.html) Don’t let the name scare you, this isn’t that difficult to understand, it just requires getting used to. There are many ways of searching for documents, papers, books, etc….