Question U – Answer

The following is a good reason to search for patents and patent applications with the CAMBIA Patent Lens search:

Answer: 6
1. for scientific information
2. for information on freedom to operate
3. to see if your idea is patentable (novel and non-obvious)
4. to see what your competitor is up to
5. 2, 3, and 4
6. all of the above

Why? Patent searches can have different purposes depending on the interest and particular situation of the person conducting the search.

Patents are a source of scientific information as well as scientific publications and in many cases, they are complementary to them or could be the only information available. So, the text of the invention (the specification), including the examples and the figures of the patents can provide good information of a technological field. In our database, you can search the full text of a patent, which gives you the advantage of finding relevant information in the document.

Patents also will tell you whether you have freedom to operate in a field without infringing others patents rights. In this case, the search would concentrate in finding closely related granted patents that are in force. Within those patents, the most important part to look at is the claims. Claims will tell you the limits of the rights granted to the patent owner.

To determine whether your invention is patentable, there is a need to search for prior art, including granted patentsand patent applications that are closely related to the product or process you wish to protect. Everything published that might be relevant to your invention can count to assess the novelty of your invention. In this case, the complete specification of a relevant document, mainly detailed description of the invention and claims, should be examined.

If you know who your competitors are, you may want to know what they are inventing, the status of the patents for example, whether they are granted or not and in what countries they have sought protection. The front page of a patent application contains the name of the inventors and the applicant of the invention. In our database, you can search for names of inventors or entities that have applied for patent applications under the PCT (the documents start with the WO letters), granted European patents (EP B1 or EP B2) and granted U.S. patents (US).

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