Results Table

The Results Table is the default view for the results of a patent search, for more information on viewing results in general see our article on the Result Page. The list view gives you the most concise and easily navigable way to go through search results.

Example Page:

In the Results Table results are displayed in a table, with each result taking up a single row. To view more results on each page there is an option at the bottom of the page, next to the navigation items for paging through results. You can sort the table by clicking on some of the column headings, to find out more about sorting results go to our Sort Your Search page.



Along the left hand side of the table are checkboxes for each document. You can use these checkboxes to select documents for addition or removal from your collections. You can also use the green check button in the table header to select all of the documents on a page, or from your search overall. Note that when you change to a new page all previous selections will be forgotten, so you will need to add results to a collection one page at a time (if not selecting all search results and adding at once).


Under the Document header you can find the Lens ID, document number, jurisdiction, and document type. The document number or title can be clicked to take you to the document summary page. The jurisdiction is displayed in the form of a flag and is displayed with the published date.


In this column the title of the document is displayed.


Icons are displayed to show whether a patent is currently in any of your collections (filing box icon), is present in a Cambia landscape (world icon), and/or if the document contains any biological sequences (DNA icon).


Underneath the title of each document is displayed the number of families related to the document. Clicking on this number will take you to that document’s family information page.


Under the title of the document, the number of patent documents which cite this document are displayed. Clicking on this number will take you to that document’s citations page.