Sort Your Search

Sorting your search will change the order results are shown to you in the Results Table or Results Summary. Sorting your search will not alter the number of results in your search, to do that read about how to Refine Your Search. By default sorting is done by relevance ranking, you can find out more about relevance ranking on the How Patent Search Works page.

You can select a different sorting parameter on the results table by clicking on the table heading you wish to sort by. The currently selected sorting parameter is shown with a blue arrow. Other options for sorting are shown with greyed out arrows, and columns without arrows cannot be sorted by. When the blue arrow is pointing up results are in descending order, and when it is pointing down they are in ascending order relative to that parameter.

You cannot alter the sorting of results from the results summary, but if you alter it in the results table it will change the results summary too.

You can sort results by the following column headings:

  • Rank
  • Family Size
  • Number of times Cited
  • Publication Date