Scholarly Search

Since 2014, the Lens has begun offering scholarly works that are disclosed in the global patent literature and in partnership with NIH PubMed, USA and Crossref, UK, the Lens team managed to resolve 47% of such non-patent literature (NPL) by open persistent identifiers, such as DOIs, PMIDs, and PMCID and match them to NPLs in the patent corpus.

While the rest of the NPLs remain as unmatched text strings that can only be accessed in the Lens patent citation tab or in PatCite, the Lens has succeeded in building a scholarly search index based on the resolved and matched scholarly works and even expanded the dataset to include other scholarly works with metadata.

And in December 2017, the Lens became more than just a patent search site.

Currently, the Lens hosts and serves scholarly records from PubMed (27,860,556), Crossref (17,889.848), and PubMed Central (4,155,640) with the following brief list of the matched and merged granular metadata:

  • citation identifiers
  • title
  • publication date
  • publication type
  • authors (first and last name, order, affiliation)
  • start end pages, volume, issue
  • journal
  • abstract
  • references (string with identifiers if available)
  • funding/grant information
  • keywords (PubMed only)
  • mesh_term (PubMed only)
  • chemicals (PubMed only)
  • clinical_trial data (PubMed only)
  • citing patents

Now, you can search more than 30 million scholarly records, facet or filter by their granular metadata and view the joins with the patent dataset. The joins are reversible as they would enable you to link a patent search result to the cited scholarly works (articles, conference papers, books, etc that are cited in the global patent literature) and vice versa, link any scholarly search results to citing patents (patents applied for or granted or search reports that disclose the scholarly works). Here is how the applied filter for citations in a scholarly or patent search results looks like:

In a scholarly search result

In a patent search result

In addition to freely accessing the scholarly literature, you can discover and investigate some scholar/author-institution relationships.

To start searching the scholarly literature, you can use any of the following options:
Use the main search bar in the Lens home page

Configure and use the structured search helper “?”

Use the search bar in the scholarly search results page and/or search bar in the dropdown search menu

As we continue to improve the way we expose joins between patent and scholarly data, we hope to introduce federated searches wherein searching over both patent and scholar databases and obtaining a unified search results is possible, so stay tuned.