Export/Import Patent Collections and Results

The lens supports exporting of metadata for up to 1000 search results or 50,000 collection items. You can access the export function via its icon on the result listing header or from the “Collections” tab of the Work Area. When exporting from the result listing header, the export function takes into account any filtering or sorting you may have done, giving you the ability to finely tune the documents you wish to export.

The Export icon

Export data fields include the following:

  • Jurisdiction
  • Kind
  • Publication Number
  • Publication Date
  • Publication Year
  • Title
  • Application Number
  • Application Date
  • Priority Numbers
  • Applicants
  • Inventors
  • Lens URL
  • Document Type
  • Fulltext record availability
  • Cited By Patent Count
  • Simple Family Size
  • Extended Family Size
  • Sequence Count
  • Classifications

The supported export file formats are BibTex, CSV, JSON and RIS. In CSV format, multi-valued fields such as author are concatenated into a double semicolon separated value, eg. “value 1;;value 2”. The BibTex and RIS formats include all fields for which a consistent field match could be made within programs which import those files (eg Zotero and EndNote in the case of RIS).

The Lens also support importing a list of patents into your work area.  You can access the import function via its icon from the “Collections” tab of the Work Area.

The list of patents need to be comma delimited and the format is as follows

EP_0957933_B1, US_2009_0178153_A1, WO_1989_002924_A1