Recording Inventorship and Authorship

Since 2016, The Lens has enabled users to record their inventorship of patents and sync them to their ORCID record. We have now extended this service to enable users to claim authorship of their scholarly works and with a single click sync them to their ORCID record. Recording Inventorship and authorship essentially links an inventor/author name on a patent or scholarly work to their Lens account and syncs the record to their Linked ORCID record.

N.B. Recording your inventorship or authorship requires a linked ORCID account. Patents and Scholarly works you record inventorship/authorship for will be automatically added to your ORCID record and displayed on your profile. See Linked Services for information on linking your ORCID account.


You can record your inventorship/authorship from the summary tab of an individual work/patent or in the expanded view of the results list. You can also review and manage your inventorship/authorship from the Claimed Work tabs in your Work Area.

How to Use

Recording Authorship / Inventorship:

To record your authorship/inventorship of patents and scholarly works, you will first need to have your ORCID account Linked to your Lens account. Please follow first these steps:

  1. Log in to (if you do not have an account,  you can register for a free account)
  2. Link your Lens account to your ORCID account via Linked Services from your Lens account page or by logging in with your ORCID account (see Linked Services for more details). If you do not have an ORCID account, you can easily create one here.

Once these steps are completed, you can record your authorship/inventorship from the summary tab of an individual scholarly work/patent or in the expanded view of the results list in the Lens. Claiming an individual work/patent can be done via the author and inventor tooltips on the summary tab of patent/scholarly works.  The author/inventor tooltips will appear upon hovering over your name, press the Record Authorship button in the tooltip to record your authorship/inventorship and claim your work. A green icon will then be displayed next to the claimed author/inventor on the individual scholarly work/patent. This action will also automatically add the work to your ORCID record.

Recording Authorship from the expanded view in the Scholarly Works results list.

Syncing with ORCID:

Once you have recorded your authorship/inventorship, your “Claimed Work” can be viewed in your Work Area, with separate tabs for Inventorship and Authorship. Users can also re-sync all of their claimed work from the Claimed Work tab in the user Work Area using the “Sync with ORCID” action available in the Set Actions box. This action will re-sync your claimed works and update the records on your ORCID record with any updated metadata.

Claimed Works tab in the user’s Work Area showing claimed patent Inventorship (top) and recorded authorship of scholarly works (bottom), and the Sync with ORCID action available in the Set Actions box.

Removing Authorship / Inventorship:

Removing authorship/inventorship can also be done from the expanded view in the results list or the summary tab of individual patents/scholarly works. If you have already claimed authorship/inventorship, hovering over your name will bring up the tooltip with a “Remove Claim” button allowing you to remove your authorship/inventorship.  N.B. This action will remove the work from your ORCID record.

Removing Authorship from the summary view on an individual Scholarly Work.

You can also remove your authorship/inventorship from the Claimed Works tab in your Work Area. Simply click on the ellipsis of the patent or scholarly work you wish to remove and press “Delete”.

Removing Authorship from the Claimed Work tab in the user Work Area.

ORCID Record Synchronisation

The patents and scholarly works you record authorship/inventorship for will automatically be added to your ORCID record with source ‘The Lens’.

Every time you create or delete an inventorship record, your works are updated on your ORCID record ensuring your ORCID works reflect your Lens authorship and inventorship records. However you can also manually re-sync all your claimed patents and scholarly works at any time from the Claimed Works tab in your Work Area. This can be useful if your Lens ORCID work entries get out of sync with your authorship/inventorship records (i.e. due to system issues or if you deleted a Lens Work record in your ORCID record).

To re-sync your claimed authorship/inventorship records to ORCID, use the “ORCID Sync” button from the Set Actions box on the Claimed Works tab in your Work Area. The Lens can only manage ORCID work entries for which it is the source so there is no concern of any of your other work entries being affected by re-synching your inventorship and authorship records to ORCID.  For an example of a linked patent record in an orcid profile, see