Recording Inventorship

In efforts to integrate with other public good projects, the Lens provides functionalities to record inventorship in an open and transparent way. Recording Inventorship essentially links an inventor name on a patent to his/her Lens account allowing for a clear association between a specific user (inventor) and invention (patent document for that inventor). By doing so, the user shares that information with others and enable them to recognize or connect with his/her inventions.

For example, your shared information includes the name recorded on your account and which links to your personal profiles or records on services such as ORCID® an LinkedIn®. See Linked Services for more information about linking to external services.

Recording and Viewing

The easiest way to record your inventorship on patent documents,after you log in, is to for your patent(s),
2.set the results view according to the number of your patents
3.view the results in the results summary view (see screenshot below), and
4.using the popup dialog associated with the icons next to your name in the “Inventors” sections, record your inventorship.

You can record your inventorship in the “Document Summary” view or “Search Result” views (you will need to expand the patent detail in the “Search Result” views). Hover your mouse pointer over the inventorship icons to display the dialog.
This is an example how the icons appear next to an inventor name which has not had inventorship recorded:


The icons are coloured when they are “active”. Here is an example of inventorship which has been recorded by the current user and they have linked their ORCID record:


In the next example, the inventorship has been recorded by the current user and they have linked both their ORCID record and LinkedIn profile:


The dialog displayed when an inventorship is available to be recorded:


How other users will see your recorded inventorships:


The inventorship icons show all the states an inventorship can be in:

  • The ORCID and LinkedIn icons will be coloured if a user has recorded their inventorship and has linked their Lens account with those services.
  • The User icon shows the inventorship status for the inventor:
    • Grey – unrecorded
    • Blue – recorded by another user
    • Blue (with subscript ‘you’) – recorded by you
    • Red – (with subscript ‘unmatched’) there is no longer a match on the document record for the name associated with your inventorship. This should be an extremely rare case and most likely due to a change in the formatting of your name in the data we get from the patent offices. You can delete these records and claim your name again with new formatting. Other users won’t see your unmatched records.

The inventorship dialog functionality changes to reflect the state of the inventorship record and the user viewing the inventorship record:

  • Record and remove inventorship records.
  • Display the name of the recording user.
  • If a user has “Linked Services” such as ORCID or LinkedIn enabled, other users will see links to their public profiles or records on those services.
  • Dispute other’s inventorship records if required.
  • Sync inventorship records to ORCID records (see below)

Where are my inventorship records? How can I share them with others?

The “Inventorship” tab in the Work Area allows you see how many inventorship records you have and to view them as a search result. You can also see the status of your record synchronisation with ORCID and manually sync your records to your ORCID record if needed (see below).

You can share your attested records by creating and sharing your own collection publicly
To create a collection you would:
* View your inventorship records Work Area > Inventorship > View
* Click “Create Collection” in the collection controls above the results
* Click the checkbox in the results header and select “All results”
* Click the + sign in the collection controls to add the results to the collection

To make the collection publicly accessible:
* Go to your collection in the Work Area: Work Area > Collections
* Click the “Sharing Settings” icon (group of people) for your collection
* Select “Published (anyone with the link)” in the drop down
* Click “OK”

ORCID® Record Synchronisation

If you link your Lens account to your ORCID record, the documents you claim inventorship for will be automatically recorded as patent “Work” records in your ORCID record with their source set to ‘The Lens”. For an example of a linked patent record in an orcid profile, see

The Lens can only manage work entries for which it is the source so there is no concern for any of your other work entries being affected by inventorship record synchronisation. Every time you create or delete an inventorship record, all your records are saved back into your ORCID record ensuring your Lens ORCID works reflect your inventorship records. If your Lens ORCID work entries are detected to get out of sync with your inventorship records (i.e. due to system issues or if you deleted a Lens Work record in your ORCID record) you can manually sync your inventorship records to ORCID using the “ORCID Sync” button in either the Inventorship Dialog or the Work Area Inventorship tab.