The results of a patent or scholarly works search can be quickly visualized graphically. The Dashboard allows you to analyze your search with charts, over number of facets. Dashboards can be saved, presented and shared via LinkedIn, twitter, Facebook or email.


Analysis View Toolbar

The Analysis view of the search result is the main dashboard. You can view different charts for quick analysis of the result. In the toolbar you can find the “Save Dashboard” button from where you can save the dashboard. You can also find the “Share Dashboard” button to share the dashboard.

Work Area Sidebar

You can see the “Dashboard” menu on the work area summary menu in the sidebar. You can view the list of all your saved dashboards by merely clicking on the menu, this will lead you to your dashboards tab in the Work Area.

All your saved dashboards are viewable from sidebar widget of the search results page. The dashboard sidebar panel supports filtering with dashboard or launching individual patent or scholarly document for a selected dashboard. It contains the Notes you added along with the date created.

How to Use

Retrieving Dashboard

You can always see your saved dashboards in a dashboard tab of your work area. Here you can see the information on when the dashboard was created, updated and whom it is shared with. You can retrieve saved dashboards from here by clicking on the corresponding dashboard. You can either load the query that was originally saved with the dashboard or apply the dashboard configuration to the current results.

Visualization with Chart

You can quickly visualize your search results with the various charts available in the analysis view. Click the settings drop-down in the top right to configure data, size, color and chart types. A custom grouping allows you to combine multiple facets values for visualization. You can also add or remove charts in the dashboard if you require. Visualization of the data can be done in presentation mode, single column or double column.

Save a Dashboard

You can save your real time analysis of the search result by merely clicking on the “Save Dashboard” button on the toolbar of the analysis page. A window will pop up where you can give name to the dashboard to save. Saving a dashboard allows you to share or load it.

Share Dashboard

When you click on the “Share Dashboard” button on the toolbar of the analysis view page a pop up will appear. You can share your dashboard on various social media platform like LinkedIn, twitter or Facebook or via email. Alternatively, you are provided with the link of the dashboard beneath the social media platforms. Use this link to share by copying it and using it where necessary, say, in an email or any social media platform.

Create New Dashboard

The Lens allows you to create your own dashboard. To start a new dashboard, click “Clear All” and start adding new charts. You can also create one by using default analysis preset.

Add New Chart

You can add new chart in your dashboard by clicking on the “Add New Chart” button on the toolbar. This will led you to the Add Chart Wizard which provides default chart configuration. These can be modified once created. To add new chart simply select the facet you would like to analyze and then choose a visualization.

View Source

Each chart on the graphical analysis can be expanded by clicking the up arrow in the top right corner of the chart. Here you can get code to embed the chart anywhere on the web.


You can save the analysis chart for your future use from the dashboard. Downloading analysis data can also be done from here.

Re-ordering the Charts

The graphical analysis interface allows users to customize the order of each chart according to their preferences. To rearrange a chart, simply drag it to the desired location, such as the top of the dashboard, and release it. As a result, the chart you have moved will be displayed at the top of the dashboard.

Editing and Management

Edit Dashboard

You can edit the name and access setting of the saved dashboard by merely clicking on the “Rename” option available on the tools menu.

Delete Dashboard

You can delete saved dashboard by merely clicking on the “Delete” option available on the tools menu. The Lens will ask for your confirmation before permanently deleting the saved dashboard.

Access Management

Accessibility of the saved dashboard can be managed from the access option available on the tools menu of the dashboard tab on work area. Basically there are two types of accessibility:

  • Restricted access: Only you can view
  • Limited access: Anyone with the link can view
Updated on August 17, 2023

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