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External Posts and Coverage


TitleAuthorLinkDate Description
Research Development and Landscape Artificial Intelligence in IndonesiaMuhammad Alvin Noor Reza, Eki Ahmad Zaki Hamidi, Ririn Herawati, Eueung Mulyana https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/924365903 November 2020This study aims to find out the map of the development of Artificial Intelligence Research in Indonesia using Lens.org.
The next generation discovery citation indexes — a review of the landscape in 2020 (I)Aaron Tayhttps://medium.com/a-academic-librarians-thoughts-on-open-access/the-next-generation-discovery-citation-indexes-a-review-of-the-landscape-a-2020-i-afc7b23ceb328 October 2020
4 Ways to find review papers, systematic reviews, meta-analysis, and other rich sources of references — 2D Search templates, Connected Papers & more.Aaron Tayhttps://medium.com/a-academic-librarians-thoughts-on-open-access/4-ways-to-find-review-papers-systematic-reviews-meta-analysis-and-other-rich-sources-of-82898aebb6e77 July 2020
Why openly available abstracts are important — overview of the current state of affairsAaron Tay, Bianca Kramer, Ludo Waltman https://medium.com/a-academic-librarians-thoughts-on-open-,,access/why-openly-available-abstracts-are-important-overview-of-the-current-state-of-affairs-bb7bde1ed75130 June  2020Discusses about the open availability of abstracts of scientific articles.
Finding reviews on any topic using Lens.org and 2d search — a new efficient methodAaron Tayhttps://aarontay.medium.com/finding-reviews-on-any-topic-using-lens-org-and-2d-search-a-new-efficient-method-d601e3e07d734 May 2020The article shows a reliable search strategy that can be used in Lens.org to find meta-analysis, systematic reviews, review articles of topics of interest regardless of discipline to help research.
Landscape of coronavirus research across three decadesAnisah Alyahyahttps://towardsdatascience.com/landscape-of-coronavirus-research-across-three-decades-9cf338968e183 April 2020
Using Lens.org to kick start your literature review — a search strategy for finding review papers, systematic reviews and meta-analysisAaron Tayhttps://aarontay.medium.com/using-lens-org-c7ef5553fc271 March 2020Shows a reliable search strategy in Lens.org to find meta-analysis, systematic reviews, review articles of topics of interest with a comparison against Pubmed.
The rise of the “open” discovery indexes? Lens.org, Semantic Scholar and ScinapseAaron Tayhttp://musingsaboutlibrarianship.blogspot.com/2019/12/the-rise-of-open-discovery-indexes.html23 December 2019
Patent Applications for Electronic Publishing Market (2014–2018). Selected IssuesAdam Jachimczyk (University of Warsaw) https://www.researchgate.net/publication/338799370_Patent_Applications_for_Electronic_Publishing_Market_2014-2018_Selected_IssuesDecember 2019The article analyses patent applications for inventions in the area of electronic publishing based on the data from Lens.org from years 2014–2018. 
7 reasons why you should try Lens.org (updated to version Release 5.16.0 — March 2019)Aaron Tay https://aarontay.medium.com/6-reasons-why-you-should-try-lens-org-c40abb09ec6f28 December 2018Highlights the main features of the Lens over other scholarly search tools. 
Cashing the cheque of open access or Machine learning and Scholarly tools — Meta, Scite, Paper Digest and moreAaron Tayhttps://medium.com/a-academic-librarians-thoughts-on-open-access/cashing-the-cheque-of-open-access-or-machine-learning-and-scholarly-tools-meta-scite-paper-ba176508daca26 December 2018
Sharpening insights into the innovation landscape with a new approach to patentsMicrosoft Academichttps://www.microsoft.com/en-us/research/project/academic/articles/sharpening-insights-into-the-innovation-landscape-with-a-new-approach-to-patents/6 August 2018Starting now, MAG will provide improved patent coverage thanks to a partnership with domain expert Lens.org.
Mapping the global influence of published research on industry and innovationOsmat A jefferson, Adam Jaffe, Doug Ashton, Ben Warren, Deniz Koellhofer, Uwe Dulleck, Aaron Ballagh, John Moe, Michael DiCuccio, Karl Ward, Geoff Bilder, Kevin Dolby, Richard A Jefferson https://www.nature.com/articles/nbt.404910 January 2018Measuring citations to scholarly works in the global patent literature enables assessment of the influence of published research on invention, industry and enterprise, at the individual and institutional level.
Comment: Turning science into social outcomesRichard Jeffersonhttps://www.nature.com/articles/548S8a10 August 2017For innovation to bring public benefit, mapping the influence of academic paper is just the beginning.
Charting influenceNature https://www.nature.com/articles/548S6a10 August 2017One indicator of the connection between science and technology worth considering, but often overlooked, are the references in patents to literature. 
Transparency tools in gene patenting for informing policy and practiceOsmat A Jefferson, Deniz Köllhofer, Thomas H Ehrich, Richard A Jeffersonhttps://www.nature.com/articles/nbt.27551 December 2013The Supreme Court’s decision in Myriad highlights the need for tools enabling nuanced and precise analysis of gene patents at the global level.
Citationchaser: A tool for transparent and efficient forward and backward citation chasing in systematic searchingNeal R. Haddaway, Matthew J. Grainger, Charles T. Grayhttps://doi.org/10.1002/jrsm.156326 April 2022Systematic searching aims to find all possibly relevant research from multiple sources, the basis for an unbiased and comprehensive evidence base. Along with bibliographic databases, systematic reviewers use a variety of additional methods to minimise procedural bias.


TitleAuthorLinkDate Description
Testing Replacements for Microsoft Academic GraphMichael Weishuhn https://blog.inciteful.xyz/posts/testing-mag-replacements/11 October 2021The bulk of the test is done by randomly selecting 100,000 papers from the MAG corpus, querying each of the services, and comparing the results.
OA week 2020] – Creating a free and beautiful auto-updating dashboard for tracking Open Access rates for your institution using Lens.org Aaron Tay https://musingsaboutlibrarianship.blogspot.com/2020/10/oa-week-2020-creating-free-and.html21 October 2020Provides insight on how to quickly and simply create a nice dashboard for tracking institution’s OA rate using Lens.org.
Open Access Indicators and the importance of optimising your Institutional repository for discovery in UnpaywallAaron Tay https://musingsaboutlibrarianship.blogspot.com/2020/08/open-access-indicators-and-importance.html5 August 2020Talks about how Unpaywall rose to become one of the most important sources of truth for determining the OA status of outputs 
The rise of the “open” discovery indexes? Lens.org, Semantic Scholar and ScinapseAaron Tay https://musingsaboutlibrarianship.blogspot.com/2019/12/the-rise-of-open-discovery-indexes.html23 December 2019Brief review of four academic search engines – Microsoft Academic, Lens.org, Semantic Scholar and Scinapse, which uses MAG among other sources.
Free Patent Search Database ‘The Lens’Intepat Team https://www.intepat.com/blog/patent/patent-search-the-lens/9 June 2019
Lens.org – detailed review of a new open discovery and citation index Aaron Tay http://musingsaboutlibrarianship.blogspot.com/2018/11/lensorg-detailed-review-of-new-open.html18 November 2018
Accessing Patent Data with the Lenswww.pauloldham.netAccessing Patent Data with the Lens – Paul Oldham’s Analytics Blog26 July 2015This article provides a brief introduction to The Lens patent database as a free source of data for patent analytics.


TitleAuthorLinkDate Description
Patent information: Finding patentsKAUST Libraryhttps://library.kaust.edu.sa/c.php?g=248715&p=165678523 Feb 2022
Databases for EngineersUniversity Of Birminghamhttps://libguides.bham.ac.uk/c.php?g=253038&p=419548711 Jan 2022
Freely available research resourcesUniversity of Minnesotahttps://libguides.umn.edu/free-public-resources15 December 2021
Databases for Finding Patents – Patents and Intellectual PropertyThe University of Chicagohttps://guides.lib.uchicago.edu/c.php?g=297338&p=19848179 November 2021
Find Full-Text Patents Furman Universityhttps://libguides.furman.edu/chemistry/patents4 November 2021
Transition from Web of ScienceUniversity of Arizonahttps://libguides.library.arizona.edu/wos/tools6 September 2021
Using the Lens Database for Staff PublicationsJournal of Medical Library Association https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7069820/1 April 2020
Patent Databases Research GuideSeton Hall University https://library.shu.edu/c.php?g=718339&p=5115919
Patents: A How-To-Find GuideIOWA State University https://instr.iastate.libguides.com/patents/search
Engineering Library: Electronic resourcesUniversity of Cambridgehttps://libguides.cam.ac.uk/engineering/electronic-resources
Patent Search StrategyPurdue Universityhttp://sites.lib.purdue.edu/guides/tutorial/patent-search-strategyStep-by-step guide to searching for patents in The Lens.
Patent Research: PatentsCampbell Universityhttps://guides.lib.campbell.edu/patents
Standards and PatentsMacquarie Universityhttps://libguides.mq.edu.au/lab_safety_virtual_library/standardsandpatents
Research Metrics, Impact and Engagement: PatentsCharles Stuart Universityhttps://libguides.csu.edu.au/c.php?g=753967&p=6831462
Patents: FAQs and Materials to ReadNational University of Singaporehttps://libguides.nus.edu.sg/patents/faqs-mats
Standards and Patents: Finding PatentsThe University of Sydneyhttps://libguides.library.usyd.edu.au/c.php?g=508185&p=347588312 October 2021
Patents: Where to SearchMIT Librarieshttps://libguides.mit.edu/c.php?g=176184&p=1159379

External Coverage

The Lens: Open for OutcomesSPARChttps://sparcopen.org/impact-story/the-lens-open-for-outcomes/
Lens PatSeq: An open facility for biotech and  patent professionalsOsmat A. Jeffersonhttps://www.aipla.org/docs/default-source/committee-documents/bcp-files/2020/uspto-september-20200917.pdf?sfvrsn=d440f252_017 September 2020
Scholarly Search Engine ComparisionJeroen Bosmanhttps://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ZiCUuKNse8dwHRFAyhFsZsl6kG0Fkgaj5gttdwdVZEM/12 December 2019A comparison conducted by Jeroen Bosman displays information on scholarly (relevant) search engines.
CovidGraph – a COVID-19 Knowledge GraphHealthECCOhttps://healthecco.org/covidgraph/Integrates data from the Lens and link them in the knowledge graph.
EIFL webinar: The Lens open knowledge and discovery platformMark Garlinghouse, Business Development, the Lens https://eifl.net/resources/eifl-webinar-lens-open-knowledge-and-discovery-platformMay 2021This EIFL webinar is about the Lens, a discovery platform that provides discovery, analytics and research management tools that are free to use.
Lens ID (P7100) Wikidatahttps://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Property:P7100
The LensEvent Data https://www.eventdata.crossref.org/guide/sources/cambia-lens/
Lens.org – PatentsWIPO https://inspire.wipo.int/lensorg-patents
Patent Research and Analysis
The Lens
Ellen Krabbe, Steve Sampson, Greg Schodde https://ipo.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/2019-10-IPO-Patent-Searching-The-Lens.pdf2019
Lens.orgPatentinformatics (ml4patents.com) https://www.ml4patents.com/vendors/lens-org
Lens Lab update, June 2020Innovation Information Initiative https://iii.pubpub.org/pub/lens-lab-update/release/430 May 2020
Lens.org – I³ Open Innovation Dataset IndexI³ https://iiindex.org/datasets/lens
Updated on May 11, 2022

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