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In Lens, full text tab on the individual patent page contains full OCR’d (the conversion of scanned images to machine-encoded text) text from the original patent document where available. We have full text data available for 4 jurisdictions:

  1. United States
  2. WO – WIPO
  3. European Patents
  4. Australia

The availability of full text has influenced the search by allowing to search for keywords within the patent documents. This allows texts to be searchable and more easily parsed and mined. Full text covers all the information (title, jurisdiction, inventor, patent filed date, Abstract etc ) that are in the original PDF document but does not include the images and illustrations that are available in the original PDF document.


Individual Patent page

On individual patent or scholarly work, you can find the tab for the sequence. Here you can explore the full text disclosed within the patent.

Individual Patent Bibliography

From the results page or individual patent record you can see in the bibliography section of individual patent, you can find additional information labels with caption “Full Text”. Clicking the button will led you to the full text tab of the page.

How to Use

Clicking on the “Full Text” button on the individual patent header or on the full text tab will led you to the full text page. The page contains the original patent document that are converted to the machine-encoded text.

Applying Full Text Filter

You can filter your patent search result with or without full text. To filter use filter option on the left of the search result page. Checking on the “Has Full Text” and clicking on the refine button under the Flags will list only those patents in which the full text is available. Using this you can get the result set with the full text, without the full text or both.

Updated on January 3, 2023
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