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Lens Patent and Scholar API

The versioned API allows users to combine and perform several search operations to programmatically retrieve results. The API is built on a new patent information architecture to implement the Lens MetaRecord concept and accommodate additional data sources and fields that will be expanded in subsequent releases, providing access to comprehensive patent metadata. Scaling from the current 45 search fields to 120+ search fields in this patent API, The Lens seeks to provide more flexibility in the way patent data can be used. Lens Scholarly API includes number of upgrades to the API including the ability to search unstemmed fields using the stemming parameter. To provide more flexibility in the way data can be used Lens provides two different API Access Plans:


Under this plan, individuals or organisations are entitled to request trial access to the patent API for non-commercial or limited academic use. Once approved, you will be able to generate an API token and access the API and data under the Acceptable Use and Attribution terms and conditions that are detailed in the Lens general Terms of Use. The Lens API is valid for 14 days from the approval date under this plan.

Member | Custom Access

This is a paid access plan and is intended for a wide range of public or private institutions and companies who require a higher level of API access or continued access, automated downloads, integration or commercial use. In conjunction with the Lens general Terms of Use, the use of the API here may be governed by a contractual agreement between Cambia, representing the Lens, and the organisation.


You can access the Lens API from “Our Apps” menu of the menu bar of every Page of the Lens. Here you can find API and Data submenu which led you to the Lens API and Data tab.

Lens User Profile

In the Lens user profile, you can find API and Data tab. You can request access and manage your access plan and tokens from here.

How To Use

Requesting API access

To request API access, user must be signed into their Lens Account. Service request form will pop-up upon clicking “Select This Plan” button on API and Data tab where you can select either the Trial or the Custom Access option and complete the API request form. For this service, it is important that you provide accurate information about yourself, organisation(s) you are affiliated with, your intended use of the data, duration of your project, and how you will comply with the Lens Terms of Use. Once you submit the request, you will receive a confirmation notification by email that your request has been received. To speed up the access process, please ensure you provide accurate information in the request form.

Getting Approval

When you select and complete the API request form, your request will be reviewed and processed manually. If approved, you will get another email with instructions on how to generate API tokens. Else, you will receive notification on how to improve it or meet with one of the Lens business team to discuss in more detail. You can see the status of your access in Your Active Access tab.

Creating API Token

Once your API request is approved, you can create a token, unique string of letters and numbers to the user when accessing the API from Your Active Access tab in the API and Data tab of your Lens user account. You can create a maximum of 5 API Tokens and each token expires in a year. You can see the API Token detail only once and it no longer works if deleted, hence we suggest you record your token detail.

Using the API

You need to have the following before you can start using Lens APIs:

  1. Granted access to Lens API service.
  2. Create an Access Token from your user profile page.
  3. Basic knowledge of API structure and JSON formatting.
  4. Any API Client (cURL, Postman, etc.)

In the Lens we provide following endpoints:


  • [POST] https://api.lens.org/patent/search
  • [GET] https://api.lens.org/patent/search
  • [GET] https://api.lens.org/patent/{lens_id}

Scholarly Works:

  • [POST] https://api.lens.org/scholarly/search
  • [GET] https://api.lens.org/scholarly/search


  • [POST] https://api.lens.org/collections/{collection_id}
  • [GET] https://api.lens.org/collections/{collection_id}

For POST Requests, you need to provide your access token in the Request Header when accessing the APIs:

Example: Authorization: Bearer your-access-token

For GET Requests, you can provide your access token in the request parameter:

Example: https://api.lens.org/scholarly/search?token=your-access-token

Once you send your request you will get a response from the server. The actual response will depend on the request method used. For example: in a GET request, the response will contain an entity corresponding to the requested resource. In a POST request the response will contain an entity describing or containing the result of the action. To find more about the HTTP response please visit API Documentation.

Renewing the API

Once your API subscription expires you need to renew your API subscription. To extend your access, please go to your Active Access in the API and Data tab of your Lens user account to request a renewal. You will get  API Access Renewal Reminder prior to expiry from the Lens Team.  

Updated on January 11, 2023
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