The Lens provides the feature to annotate all your findings with Notes. With this feature users are able to add and view context-specific notes on individual Patents, Scholarly Works, or Collections. All the notes can be exported in a variety of formats at any time. Notes are personal and cannot be seen by other users. The user should have registered a Lens account to be able to access the added notes in future.


Summary Toolbar

On the Summary page of individual scholarly works, patents or collections you can find the “Make Note” button with a paperclip icon on the toolbar. Clicking on this button will lead you to the pop-up from where you can save the note.

Individual Notes Tab

On the Summary page of individual scholarly works, patents or collections you can find the “Notes” tab with the number of notes associated with it and when it was last created. Also, you can add a new note to the individual scholarly work, patent or collection by clicking the “Add Note” button on the top right of the tab.

Notes are viewable from the sidebar widget of the search results page. The Notes sidebar panel supports filtering with Notes or launching individual patent or scholarly documents for a selected Note. It contains the Notes you added along with the date created.

Work Area Sidebar

You can see the “Notes” menu on the work area sidebar as well as the count for total notes. You can view all of the added notes by merely clicking on the menu.

Work Area Tab

Within your work area you can find the “Notes” tab. Here you can explore and or manage all the notes you have ever added to documents, patents and collections as well as multiple viewing options, sorting and management tools.

How to Use

Adding a Note

From any of the locations adding notes is available you can click on the “Make Notes” button. Clicking on the button will lead you to a pop-up window with the title “Add Notes”. Here you can add notes on individual scholarly works or patents. Click on the “Save Note” button to save your notes. In scholarly works notes are saved against documents by default whereas in patent search you can choose it from a drop-down menu.

In patent search you can add notes against:

  • Document
  • Abstract
  • Claims
  • Inventors
  • Applicants
  • Owner
  • CPC, IPC and US classification
  • Document History
  • Document’s Family

Retrieving results with Notes

You can always retrieve all your notes on the notes tab of your workspace. On this page you can see the notes you’ve created, when it was last created and assignment of the note (patents or scholarly works). Clicking on the document with corresponding notes will lead you to the summary of the individual patent or scholarly works.

Download Notes

You can export your notes anytime from the work area notes tab. On the top right corner of the notes tab you can find the “Set actions” pane with “Download Notes” button. Click on the button to save your notes.

Displaying and Sorting Notes

In the work area notes tab you can find the “View Options” pane on the right. From here you can display your notes by Collections, Scholar or Patents or choose to sort based on date, title, type, counts etc. You can also change views and switch between table view and card view of your notes.

Applying Notes to Collections

Notes can be added to the collections from the collection page. The notes tab in the collection page provides you an option to add notes to the collections. Here you are also able to view the notes that are available against the collection. Notes that are added against collection are also viewable from  the work area notes tab and can be edited and managed from the collection notes tab as well.

Editing and Management

The Notes tab in the work area provides functionality to edit and manage your Notes. Here, you can delete and edit your Notes and link to the corresponding patent or scholarly work that notes have been added to.

Updated on January 17, 2023
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