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The cites works tab is one of the many tabs of information available for each patent on The Lens. This tab lists all non-patent publications cited by the patent that come from the scientific literature. These non-patent references provide insights into technologies that are closer to scientific R&D and thus more dependent on the progress of scientific knowledge. There is some recognition that non-patent references are useful for investigating the interplay between science and technology.


On an individual patent record, you can find the “Cites Works” tab which displays all the scholarly documents which cite this patent record. The tab also displays the number of non-patent literature publications cited by the patent.

How to Use

Publications Cited tab lists all non-patent publications cited by the document which come from the scientific literature. Their bibliographic information is listed along with links to external pages on these documents. The metadata fetched have links to CrossRef, NCBI’s PubMed, Microsoft Academy and Open Access full text from PubMed Central where available.

You can also explore which other patent documents are cited by these literature by clicking the “page and arrow” icon. The number next to this icon is the number of patent documents that cite this publication. You can load these citations as a new search by clicking on the button with the caption “View in scholarly search”. This will enable you to analyze, filter and refine the list of citations.

You can also see the original citation strings instead of the resolved citations as fully formatted bibliographic records from the button available on the top right of the tab.

Updated on January 11, 2023
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