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Patent Cited By Patents Tabs

The cited by tab is one of the many tabs of information available for each patent on The Lens. This tab provides the list of all the citations subsequently received by a patent. This type of citation can also be referred to as forward citation and can be used to assess the technological impact of inventions that can indicate the economic importance of patents. The number of citations a patent receives has been found to reflect, on average, the technological and commercial importance of a patent, and thus helps to deal with the problem of the heterogeneity of patents’ value. The value of a patent and the number and quality of its forward citations have repeatedly been found to be correlated.


On an individual patent record, you can find the “Cited By Patents” tab which displays the list of all the patent citations subsequently received by this patent. Load these citations as a new search for refinement and analysis.

How to Use

Cited by Patents tab displays a list of the first 50 documents (chronologically) on The Lens which cite this document. You can change the number of documents to be displayed on a single page from the drop down available at the end of the page. Also you can follow their links to their individual pages, or you can select the “Load these citations as a new search” button at the bottom of the page to explore the collection in full and in more detail. It makes it possible to investigate connections between technologies, between science and technology, or between firms, industries, countries or regions.

Updated on January 3, 2023
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