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Patent Cites Patents Tab

Patent references are citations to previous relevant technology protected by or described in other patents filed anywhere in the world, at any time, in any language. This citation can also be referred to as backward citation and helps to track knowledge spill overs in technology. They make it possible to estimate the curve of obsolescence of technologies, the diffusion of knowledge emanating from specific inventions to institutions, areas, regions, etc. In Lens the citations allow you to explore patent documents your patent cites.


On an individual patent, you can find the “Cites Patents” tab which displays all patent documents cited by this patent. The tab also displays the number of patents cited by this patent.

How to Use

The Cites Patents tab in the individual patent page displays all the patent documents cited by this patent on chronological order. Each cited patent displayed has a link to each patent document on the Lens. You can go to their individual pages by clicking on their document number.

Updated on January 11, 2023
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