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The PatSeq Finder is a sequence similarity search tool based on BLAST (BLAST+ 2.15.0), allowing you to search the Lens patent sequence (PatSeq) databases for matches to a sequence of your interest. This tool is unique since it enables you to conduct sequence-based searches within more than 480 million patent sequences that we serve in either a nucleotide-based or protein-based database. All Searches you make using this tool can be labelled and saved. The sharing settings allows PatSeq Finder searches to be shared and accessed by those with link. The Lens, however, does not track or record your search history unless you give permission to do so.


Account Settings

You can enable your Patseq Finder Search history from the privacy pane of your “Account Settings” page. Click on the checkbox “Record Search History” to record your search.

Work Area

All your recorded PatSeq Finder history are listed on the “PatSeq Finder History” tab on your work area. From here you can retrieve your PatSeq findings by merely clicking on the Query.

How to Use

Enabling Search History

The Lens asks if you want to record your search history at the time of registration. You can also enable this feature anytime from your account settings. You can opt in or out of your search history being recorded by default using the checkbox available in the privacy pane on the account settings page.

All the Patseq Finder searches you perform after enabling the search history are saved in your private search history area. Clicking on the “Search History” option available on any location will lead you to the work area search history tab where you can view all your search details after this feature was enabled. Here you can see the list of searches you have performed along with the date, search type (patent or scholar) and no of items associated with the search. Clicking on the search will take you to a new search result page corresponding to the query.

You can share your PatSeq findings from the work area. To share Click on the tools “Tools” ellipsis and select “Access Settings”, this will open the sharing management modal. In this modal you can find the tiny URL which you can use to share with your contacts. Further you can also manage who can access your findings.

Deleting Search Items

You can clear your PatSeq finder history in the Lens if you require. Click on the clear button to delete all search queries at once. The Lens will ask for you confirmation before clearing the history permanently. You can also delete only the desired search query by clicking on the “Delete” option from the “Tools” ellipsis.

Updated on January 17, 2024
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