Scholarly Work References Tab

References lists all the sources used in scholarly works, so readers can easily find what have been cited. The bibliographic information of the scholarly work is listed along with links to external pages on these documents in the reference tab.


Individual Scholarly works

On individual scholarly work, you can find the tab for the References. This tab lists all the references, reference counts and sources and the main bibliographic information for the list of scholarly references.

How to Use

The reference tab on the individual scholarly works displays all the sources used in the scholarly work along with the bibliographic information and links to external pages on these documents. You can get the expanded view of each of the listed documents by clicking on the expand icon next to the individual item. 

You can also load these results as a full search in order to access filtering, sorting, annotations, collection management and more by clicking on the “View Articles in Scholar Search” button. The metadata displayed have links to CrossRef, NCBI’s PubMed, Microsoft Academy and Open Access full text from PubMed Central where available on the right to the individual item.

Updated on January 10, 2023
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