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Scholarly Works Recommended Tab

The recommended tab is one of the many tabs of information available for each scholarly work in Lens. This tab provides the list of related works provided by Microsoft Academic Graph(MAG) to the user for further reading or for citing.  Microsoft Academy determines related works based on a similarity algorithm that is run when the graph is created.


Individual Scholarly works

On individual scholarly work, you can find the tab for the recommended works provided by the Microsoft Academic Graph (MAG). Here, the list of other scholarly works that are related to the scholarly work the user is looking at is displayed.

How to Use

Recommended tab displays a list of the documents on The Lens that comes entirely from Microsoft Academic and hence the data displayed is equivalent of the “Related” tab in Microsoft Academic, e.g.

You can select the “View Recommended Works in Search” button available on the page to load these results as a full search in order to access filtering, sorting, annotations, collection management and more.

Updated on December 27, 2022
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