Lens Video Tutorials

Proximity Search

In this tutorial, we will discuss proximity or adjacency search technique that allows you to modify distances between these 2 terms or reorder them in the phrase with the help of a proximity operator and a number.

Institutional Rankings

In this tutorial, we will introduce QUT In4M. It is a new platform wherein we offer a new citation intensity measure to track the influence of scholarship on industry and innovation and later rank it.

PatCite Analysis

In this tutorial, we’ll introduce the basic features of PatCite, a new open mapping tool for patent citations and the exploration of the influence of scholarship on industry and innovation.

Wildcard Search

In this tutorial we will discuss the use of wildcards in text searching and their potential to maximize the effectiveness of your searches in the Lens.

Boolean Operators

In this tutorial we will focus on text searches using mainly boolean operators that will help you create more complex search queries in the Lens.

Patent Search Analysis

Searching in the Lens is easy as the search bar allows for full expression of the query language. You can simply type a single or a set of keyword such as “lithium batteries”…

Patseq Analyzer

Compare patenting activity at the chromosomal locus or gene level, filter by sequence or search by patent attributes to analyse extent and scope of invention…

Patseq Explorer

Navigate and analyse patent-disclosed sequences mapped onto genomes and chromosomes and explore linkages between sequences and phenotypes…

Patseq Data

Compare biological patent holdings in the Lens with national and regional patent offices databases, view sequence disclosures across jurisdictions over time…