Scholar Field Definitions

Lens IdGeneral064-908-811-700-011Every document in the Lens has a unique 15-digit identifier called a Lens ID
TitleGeneral"Fidget Spinner"Title of the scholarly work
AbstractGeneral"Super Conductor"Searches the scholarly work abstract text
Indexed FulltextGeneraltrueIndicates whether the full text from CORE has been indexed for this record
Full TextGeneralMalariaSearches the full test of the scholarly work
Date PublishedGeneral2009-05-22Date of publication
Year PublishedGeneral1999Year of publication
Publication TypeGeneral"journal article"Publication Type (eg. Journal Article, Conference Proceedings, Book, etc.)
External ID TypeGeneral"doi"The type(s) of extrenal identifiers for the scholarly work record (e.g. Crossref: "doi", Microsoft Academic: "magid", PubMed: "pmid", PubMed Central: "pmcid", CORE: "coreid")
External IDGeneral10.1143/jjap.42.1517The external identifier(s) for a scholarly work (DOI, PubMed ID, PubMed Central ID, Microsoft Academic ID or CORE)
Author Display NameAuthorsDavid SmithThe author's full name (first name, middle name/initial, last name)
Author ORCIDAuthors0000-0001-5352-4498The author's ORCID identifier
Author MAGIDAuthors2779337967The author's MAGID
Author First NameAuthorsDavidThe author's first name
Author Last NameAuthorsSmithThe author's last name
First Author Display NameAuthorsDavid SmithThe first author's full name (first name, middle name/initial, last name)
Last Author Display NameAuthorsDavid SmithThe last author's full name (first name, middle name/initial, last name)
Author CountAuthors2The number of authors on the scholarly work
Author Affiliation NameAuthors"School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Harvard University"The author's affiliated institution and address
Unique Affiliation CountAuthors1The number of unique affiliations on the scholarly work
Cited By Scholarly WorksCitationstrueIndicates if the scholarly work has been cited by a another scholarly work at least once
Citing Scholarly WorksCitations23The number of scholarly works that cite a given scholarly work
Reference countCitations29The number of works in the reference list of a scholarly work
Cited By PatentsCitationstrueIndicates if the scholarly work has been cited by a patent document
Referenced By Patent Lens IdCitations049-552-240-321-916Scholarly works that are cited by a given patent(s).
Citing PatentsCitations135The number of patents that cite a scholarly work
Source TitleSourceJournal of Molecular BiologyThe name of source publication in which the scholarly work appears e.g. Journal name, Book title, Conference proceedings, etc.
Source PublisherSourceAcademic Press Inc.The publisher of the source publication
Source CountrySource"United States"The publisher's country
Source ASJC CodeSource2105The All Science Journal Classification (ASJC) code
Source IssnSource"00222836"The International Standard Serial Number of the source publication, without hyphenation
VolumeSource86The journal volume
IssueSource3The journal issue
Field of StudySubject MatterMedicineMicrosoft Academic determines Field of study based on machine learning parsing of all accessible text in a record
SubjectSubject MatterMolecular BiologySubject is derived from journals descriptions in Crossref metadata based on the Science Journal Classification Codes
KeywordSubject MatterMalariaKeywords for the scholarly work from PubMed
Chemical Substance NameSubject MatterCalciumName of the chemical substance. Substance reflects the chemical field listed in PubMed records
MeSH HeadingSubject MatterAmino Acid SequenceMeSH terms are the National Library of Medicine’s controlled vocabulary or medical subject headings assigned to PubMed entries. NB MeSH Headings are case sensitive e.g. Calcium not calcium.
Mesh Term Mesh IDSubject MatterD000595MeSH term unique identifier. MeSH terms are the National Library of Medicine’s controlled vocabulary or subject heading list.
Institution NameInstitutionsHarvard UniversityThe institution associated with the author affiliations.
Institution Country/RegionInstitutionsUSThe alpha-2 country code of the author's institution (see for a list of codes)
Funding CountryFunding"United Kingdom"The country of the funding body
Funding IdFundingMC_U117532072The funder's project identifier
Funding Project NameFunding"NIH 5 T32 GM08349"The funder's project name
Funding OrganisationFunding"Medical Research Council"Name of the funding organisation
Has FundingFundingtrueIndicates if the scholarly work has funding information
Conference NameConferencesInternational Electron Devices MeetingThe name of the conference
Conference InstanceConferences"CHI 1985"The conference instance or edition
Conference LocationConferences"Lihue, Kauai, HA, USA"The location of the conference
Conference YearConferences2016The year the conference was held
Clinical Trial RegistryClinical Trials10.18810/clinical-trials-govThe clinical trial registry
Clinical Trial IdClinical Trialsnct00483808The clinical trial identifier
Has Clinical TrialClinical TrialstrueIndicates if the scholarly work has clinical trial information
Open AccessOpen AccesstrueFlags if the scholarly work has is Open Access
Open Access ColourOpen AccessgoldThe Open Access colour category
Open Access LicenseOpen Accesscc-byThe Open Access license type
Open Access SourceOpen Access"unpaywall"The source(s) of open access information for the scholarly work record (e.g. Directory of Open Access Journals: "doaj", PubMed Central: "'pmc-nih", "unpaywall", Core Open Access Repository: "'core")